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Kissed Earth Brilliance is the pinnacle of hydrolysed collagen perfection. Embark on a journey towards holistic vitality and discover why our award-winning peptides have and continue to make a transformative difference to thousands of people around the world.

Our commitment to creating the best compels us to source the purest and highest-grade bovine collagen peptides available on the planet from pasture-raised cows, encompassing collagen Types 1 and 3. Due to its purity, Brilliance is 99.9% bioavailable, ensuring the benefits are embraced by your body with the utmost efficacy.

Improve bone density & joint health

Muscle & connective tissue repair

Gut restoration & healing

Helps fight visible signs of ageing

Support hair & nail growth

Aid in hormonal balance

Overall vitality & well-being

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body found almost everywhere including our hair, skin, nails, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, arteries, the gut and so much more. Its main role is to strengthen all of the connective tissue throughout our body providing a robust foundation from which it can thrive. From the ages of 25-30, our body will slow down or stop the production of collagen naturally, so supplementing with a high-quality hydrolysed collagen, like Brilliance, will give your body the best chance at maintaining its youthful qualities.

We are incredibly proud to source our collagen from Gelita – a global ethical leader in quality collagen production with a zero-waste policy, hailing from Germany. Brilliance is delivered in convenient single-serve sachets that you can take with you anywhere and contain an impressive 6000mg of collagen peptides per serve. It is completely scent and flavour free so you can seamlessly add it to your favourite hot elixir, smoothie, soup, sauce, baked goods and so much more! Not only will our Brilliance work to support and strengthen your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and gut, but it will also provide important structural support to your hair, skin, and nails – helping fight the visible signs of ageing and laying the foundation to a more vibrant you.

Kissed Earth Brilliance isn’t just a supplement; it’s an exquisite testimony to the harmonious synergy between science, nature, and your personal health.

Brilliance Unflavoured Collagen

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